Customized Solutions for Your Success

Customized Solutions for Your Success

Our team is composed of digital specialists and veterans in the industry. At AZL Marketing, it’s all about promoting business growth. We focus on your company’s digital assets and visibility to achieve this growth. Our firm’s passion originates from being a valuable asset to your business and its success, with the sort of knowledge only years of experience in an industry could bring! Here’s how we can help you:

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our Services

Web Design, Development, Maintenance:

Web Design + Development + Maintenance: We like to think of your website as the salesman (or saleswoman) that never sleeps. That’s why it should always be looking great and performing even better. 
  • Maintenance: Do you want to improve your current website? Google likes and encourages changes to your site as well as proper upkeep to ensure it’s always running at optimal performance. Let’s talk about our monthly packages that will allow us to be your webmaster and be a part of the team. We can also offer hourly support if it’s a smaller type of project that only needs one of our high level programmers to fix a current issue. 
Design & Development: We will take the time needed to come up with a design that matches your company’s goals online. From start to finish, the new website is going to not only look good online and on all devices but it will also be geared to outperform others in your industry. Let’s talk about your new website today!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 With a proper search engine optimization campaign in place, we’ll help you earn your way to the top for better visibility when people are searching for your services online. Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of internet traffic from search engines to a website or web page. SEO focuses on unpaid traffic (often known as “natural” or “organic” results) rather than sponsored or direct traffic. With a well-designed website and strategic planning, we can convince Google that we are the best result for users looking for you online without knowing your actual website name. By promoting the right keywords and helping the website establish relevance and authority in the eyes of Google, SEO can lead to lots of organic leads and great visibility online. Let’s have a strategy call / meeting to discuss how this works and what we can expect.

Google Advertising

The majority of all searches are still done on Google today, and this won’t change anytime soon. Google offers a variety of complicated advertising platforms that can be utilized to drive more calls, leads, and sales straight to you.

  • Google Local Service Ads: the newest form of advertising on Google. Also known as Google Guaranteed or Google Screened. This is paying for calls that come straight to you. Calls are recorded and you’re only charged if it’s at least 30 seconds or longer. Weekly budgets are set and service area locations are in place to maximize your budget. Easily dispute calls for a full credit towards another call with just two clicks inside your dashboard. 
  • Google Ads: Pay Per Click… Google Ads help your product/service reach potential customers by having your ads show up at the right moment in search results when a Google user searches for something that’s related to your product/service. Click-to-call campaigns are designed to only show on mobile devices and will only allow calls straight to you. Map Ads will put your Google Business Profile to the top in the local results section showcasing your business and reviews in areas that wouldn’t be attainable any other way. 
  • Google Retargeting & Display Ads: These are those annoying ads that follow you everywhere you go online. They can be great for branding, bringing back a visitor once they’ve already clicked one of our ads in the past and things like cross device marketing too. With Display Ads we can promote your business on those highly trafficked sites that we feel your next customer may already be on. This opens up another avenue for potential customers and sales. 

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

 Facebook and Instagram are two of the most widely used social media platforms, with each having its own set of audiences. Facebook mostly caters to middle-aged and older ages whereas on Instagram, a large majority of users are on the younger side. We can choose the platform that reaches out to your preferred target audience. With over a dozen ad types on Facebook & Instagram, a thorough analysis of your industry and goals is needed to recommend a budget that will deliver results.


Logo, Graphics & Branding Identity

What’s your message? Is it clear to your potential customers? Our approach to helping the fundamentals of your business online is thorough to the MAX. The quality of your brand online speaks volumes for business and services. It also helps build confidence with prospects to quickly make a decision to choose your services or products.                                                                        

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Choose Programs Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

Depending on the route we take with each program above, rest assured that the process will be tailor-made to reach your target audience, with your style and aesthetic. Although there are no guarantees in digital marketing, we can guarantee that our team is going to work diligently to maintain a healthy business relationship that deliver a solid ROI.
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